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Dref Yarn Friction Spinning machine


Dref Friction Spinning Machine

DREF Spinning Frame is one type of friction spinning machine, normally it is used to spin sliver to coarse yarn through drafting and free-end spinning. It’s the ideal system for teaching, researching, production, etc.

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Friction spinning or DREF spinning is a textile technology that is suitable for spinning coarse counts of yarns and technical core-wrapped yarns. DREF yarns are bulky with low tensile strength, making them suitable for blankets and mop yarns. They can be spun from asbestos, carbon fibers and are capable of being made into filters for water systems.






machine name

Friction spinning machine


6 head

motor control

Touch screen and PLC

suitable fiber

Cotton, man-made fiber, aramid fiber, hemp and recycled cotton etc

dust cage diameter

Φ83mm , length 220mm

Combing roller diameter


Bobbin size

78mmX235mm (Cylindrical type )

Full bobbin weight

Max 9 kg

Spinning speed

Max 250rpm

Yarn count

0-5 S

Draft type

Three rollers

Max. speed of carding


Draft control


Sliver feeding

4~16g/m, 1~6pcs

Power supply

AC380V, 3phase, 50Hz,18KW



Net weight


This machine is applicable below conditions


Applicable fiber length:10-120mm

Applicable fiber density:1.2-15detex


Applicable fiber types


1.Polypropylene filter yarn in Wire-wound filter

2.Degreasing cotton composite yarn in Wire-wound filter

3.Glass fiber composite yarn in Friction material industry

4.Acrylic peroxidation composite yarn in Friction material filed & sealing field

5.Aramid or poly-sulfonamide composite yarn in Friction material filed & sealing field & flame retardant material of high strength and heat resistance filed

6.Mop Yarn or ground-wiping cloth yarn from Scrap of cotton mill, processed animal hair, secondary fiber from waste spinning

7.Steel cable yarn for filter filed

8.Blankets yarn for home textiles, military uses, as well as for hotels, hospitals, camping plaids, and many others

9.Secondary carpet backing for tufting carpets, filler yarns for carpet wefts, and special carpets such as Berber carpets, hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets

10.Woven fabrics for outerwear and leisure-wear

11.Canvas for the military and civil sectors

12.Filter yarns for liquid filtration

13.Asbestos substitutes such as heavy protective clothing and gloves, gaskets, packing, flame retardant fabrics, etc.

14Automotive applications such as brake linings and clutch pads

15.High-tenacity core yarn for ropes, transport and conveyor belts

16.Decorative and upholstery fabrics

17.Animal hair such as goat or camel for the production of tents

Mix of the above fibers.