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FA316L Lab Draw Frame Sample Drawing frame spinning Machine


Sample drawing frame machine

small drawing frame

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The new type FA316 Draw frame is a new generation draw frame designed on the basis of the advanced technology of the same products at home and abroad. The curvilinear drafting system of 3 over 3 with pressure bar is suitable for cotton, cotton type fiber and middle fiber and their blends of 22-76mm.All kinds of slivers processed by this machine can be high quality after the last passage. The gear box of driving system is in fully-enclosed oil bath. Rocking the handle of the drive changing gear in the headstock can adjust draft and weight change.The front pressure roller is equipped with a multi-speed shifting device, which is suitable for spinning a variety of fibers.




  1. This machine is suitable for a wide variety of spinning fiber, and output rate is high.
    2. Four up and four down attached guide roller, and pressure bar type dual zone curve drafting structure, makes sure to have an excellent quality and a quality stability
    3. Main motor users can control stepless speed regulation with choice of frequency converter, it ensures steady increase in speed and strip quality
    4. Programmable controller PLC and text screen operation is conducive to the stability and the reliability of electrical control
    5. The ideal guide photoelectric automatic stop device, machine holds a photoelectric automatic stop device , sliver flowing frame automatic stop device , so that the fault automatic stop more reliable
    6. The user can choose the automatic doffing device, can reduce the labor intensity of operators, in order to improve work efficiency07. The user can choose eight-way detection device.



Delivery number 

2 holes 

Maximum output speed 


Total drafting mutiple 

5-14 times 

Drafting style 

4 over 3  with pressure bar 

Feeding sliver number 

6-8 pcs 

Suitable fiber length 


Input can dimension 


can height 


Output can dimension 

Φ300,Φ350,Φ400,Φ500 can height: 900,1100mm 

Mainframe OAD 




Motor power 


Delivery number 

2 holes