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Sample electric driving wool ring spinning machine with inverter motor


Lab machinery

Keyword:Yarn Spinning machine line


This machine is suitable for the pure spinning or mixed spinning engineering of wool and chemical fiber by which it feeds the thick yarns with or without twists to go through the procedures of stretching, twisting and rolling before becoming a single wool thread with a certain Nm.



The frame is suitable for different length of fibers because 3-roller and 2 apron drafting system is used. It is also fitted with SKF PK1600 drafting arms.The press of drafting arm is adjustable. The yarns are with good evenness because of strong control to fibers. Automatic dripper oiling motions assure lubrication to drafting gears.

New spindle ZD3213 is used. It is with good absorption of vibration and super endurance, and can be suitable for high operating speed and output.

It adopts AC tranducer and during a certain period of doffing. It can change its operation speed according to the graphs, which can effectively reduce the breaking points. Under the control of PLC, it realizes the automatic control on the operation of whole machine and demonstrates spindle speed, line speed of front roller, twists, yields, length and other technical parameters.





Can process fiber length range

2-4 inches

Number of spindles

96 (2 sections ,@48spindles double sided)

Drive motor 

Single drive

Drafting system

SKF PK1600, equipped with front roller cleaner 

Ring diameter

55mm, Steel Chrome

Spindle gauge


Tube Height


Electronic Drive box

With geared servomotor (spindle ring rail, ballooon control, drafting, pneumafill )


15 kilowatts,3 phase voltage system, 220 - 230V, 50/60 Hz, Inverter type motor


Positive ring rail and Balloon control

Creel for Bobbins

Designed with CAD program

Ethernet Connection

Touch screen touch panel

1 electric panel on board of drive box

Pneumafill box integrated ; controlled by touch screen implementatyion software for flame effect , multitwist, multicount


Provision of 1000 spindle bobbin tubes ( compatible with existing worsted spinning machine - H = 240mm Height).

CE certification according to 2006/42/CE regulations with provision of power cable to power source.

Equipment Cooling : Exhaust and programming system

Two ( 2 ) units 5 tons Air Conditioning unit

One ( 1 ) Computer laptop for Programming  ( windows 10, w/ atleast Intel Core i5 processor )