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Lab textile machine hard fiber opening machine


Lab machinery

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Lab textile machine hard fiber opening machine.

Carding machine is a mechanical process that disentangles, cleans and intermixes fibers to produce a continuous web or sliver suitable for subsequent processing. This model is a modern design created to meet the needs of mini mills and laboratories. 



1.This is achieved by passing the fibers between differentially moving surfaces covered with card clothing. It breaks up locks and unorganised clumps of fiber and then aligns the individual fibers to be parallel with each other.

2.This carder is characterized by a long feeding table 1.3m length that introduces the fibers in a unit composed of cylinder, doffer roller, licker-in roller, main swift, fly comb and 5 carding groups.

3. All these components are mounted on a 40mm solid steel structure and externally the carder is completely protected by a safety cage.

4. The carded is equipped with both batt and sliver output.

In the first case, it is possible to obtain a continuous ribbon (sliver) that can be processed on the spinning frame to make yarn. In the second case, the web can be rolled up on a cylinder to create a batt of the desired thickness.

5.Available working size:30cm,80cm,100cm,120cm. The roller and sealed ball bearing changes with the working width. The price also different.

6.The carding machine is driven by 3 independent motors ----1 main motor and 2 reducer motors, which are electronically controlled by inverters. With this configuration, it is possible to change the speed of the rollers in a simple and immediate way.

7.The rigid card clothing that allows a quick cleaning and to last long.

8.With can coiler.





Working width

1000mm (40 inches)


10-25kgs of fiber per hour

Feeding table

1300mm long

Large diameter 

600mm (23.6 inches)

Standard diameter

315mm (12.4 inches)


Single Phase 220 - 230V, 50/60 Hz


Driven by three ( 3 ) motors ( 1 motor 2.2 Kw + 1 moto- reducer 1.5 Kw  + 1 moto- reducer 0.5 Kw ) controlled by inverters.


Rock solid structure made with 40mm thick steel plates;Machine equipped with three feeding rollers , licker - in, , five carding groups , main swift, doffer roller, and fly comb; Batt cylinder to roll up the carded web up to desired thickness;Batt roller available in two versions;Sliver extraction system with twister and calendar for hard to work fibers; Batt culinder and silver devices available on trolleys for easyinterchange ;Can coiler available at request;Breaker rigid card clothing on every roller , self-cleaning ;Start stop emergency button ;Speed adjustment by the turn of a dial on the electric panel;Price adjustment for every roller , Sealed ball bearings;Aluminum protective structure available with electro welded mesh or transparent polycarbonate panels. Easy switch from batt to silver (5 minutes only ) With provision of power cable to power source.