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LS800 Fiber Cutting machine


Yarn Spinning machine line

Keyword:Yarn Spinning machine line


The fiber cutting machine is mainly used for cutting the used rags,cotton yarn,clothes,fabric,linen ,textile and chemical fiber etc.With high efficiency and east maintenance.This equipment saves labor and time cost.


The cutting size can be adjusted .

Motor and reducer with frequency converter ,according to the different raw materials to set up different procedures.

The final product can be strips or smaller pieces. And the product size can be customized based on your requirements.

Configuration of high strength tungsten carbide cutting tools,Fully highlight the rigidity and strength of the machine.






- Compact roller diameter 120 mm

- Compact roller width 470 mm

- Feeder roller diameter 90 mm

- Feeder roller width 380 mm

- Feeder sheet length 1400 mm

- Feeder sheet inside width 350 mm

- Feeder sheet outside 480 mm

- Delivery sheet length 1400 mm

- Delivery sheet inside width 380 mm

- Delivery sheet outside width =480 mm


Technical Specifications:

- 1 pc rotary cutter with four cutter blades (helical type) 

- 1 pc fixed cutter blade 400mm

- 1 pc stainless steel groove compact roller

- Gear box

- Stainless steel groove feed roller high carbon steel body frame

- Conveyor type feed and delivery

- Stainless steel feed, delivery, and cover

- Manual adjustment of cutter blades

- 2-units drive motor

- Electrical Requirements: 220V, 60Hz, 3-Phase


- Capacity:500-800kgs/h

- Dimension:3200*1000*1100mm

- Weight:800kgs

- A set of special tools is attached.