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FA519 High Speed Draw Frame Machine


Yarn Spinning machine line

Keyword:Yarn Spinning machine line


1.the machine is suitable for fiber variety and high output speed.
2..adopt high quality four-up and down guide roller.pressure stick style double-curve drafting structure. The sliver quality is good and stay.
3.Can choice the frequency converter to dominate stepiess timing turning round at an average speed favorable to the sliver quality.
4.The automatic can changer selected bu customers. Can decrease the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.


Lab Draw Frame Machine SpecificationS

Input: cotton @ 28-mm+; Sliver hank: 0.12Ne to 0.15 Ne

Capacity: 75kg/h operation

Delivery speed: 60-150m/min(electronically configurable)

Sliver can auto-stop feature, ergonomic stop-resume switches

Suction for extraction of short fibers and dusts

Roll-away safety enclosures

Machine auto-off ( in the event opening of safety doors)

Sealed lubricated bearings

150 pcs HDPE Seamless sliver cans (18" x 45" x 2.5")

Power supply: 3 Phase; 220-Volts; 60 Hz