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LS832 Ring twisting machine


Yarn Spinning machine line

Keyword:Yarn Spinning machine line


This machine is suitable for cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, glass fiber, such as raw materials of pure spinning or twisting process, a partnership with a variety of different combination, stretch yarn and spandex filament yarn, filament twisting into the unique style of the opposite sex plied yarn and the function of the elastic line, the production of woven, knitted, plied yarn, civil, industrial sewing thread, fiberglass strand of necessary equipment.


SpecificationsLab ring twister parameters

No. of spindles: 96 spindles/machine

Spindle Speed: up to 16000 rpm

Diameter of ring: 51 mm

Scope of twist:  up to 500 TPM

Layout: Double-side @ 48 spindles /side

Sealed lubricated bearings

With individual knee brakes

Tube bobbin specific for this ring frame machine

Blue: 1,500 pcs

Red: 1,500 pcs

Green: 2,000 pcs

10,000 pcs ring travellers (No.5/0 and 7/0 UMDR)

Spindle specific for this machine: 10 pcs (spare parts)

Twist change gears